How to fix botched ridge vent installation?

My roofer cut slots for the ridge vent, they are too wide and they don’t look too good.
See pictures taken from the attic:

Question is, how much sheeting should he replace?
He is talking about 3" strip only… is this enough?


How do you replace a 3" strip?

I think the roofer wants to patch existing slots with 3" wide strip and cut new, proper 0.75" wide slot.
Seems wrong to me as new 2.25" strip won’t be strong enough not to mention weak spot for nails (I am not a roofer nor engineer and my trust in the roofer has eroded…).

What is the proper way to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

Remove the vent and the top 4-5 courses of shingles, replace the wood with a piece that is at least 6" wide maintaining a slot for ventilation.

It’s much more work which is why he doesn’t want to do it.


please do not let that roofer back on the roof.
Total incompetence.
Fixing it will require ten times the experience as the person that did the botched work.
All roofing and wood needs to be removed about one foot from peak.
Everyone will tell you a different number but I have a strict 2 1/2 inch ventilation hole policy!
3 inches max!!
Not 2 inches on each side which can easily lead to three inches per side.
What a terrible, horrible leaky mess!

You can do a small strip of wood but it would need solid blocking at the joint, not just clips.

That’s true too Patchup!
And putting in the blocks would be faster!

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IMO blocks restrict airflow and is a short cut to repairing this.

Thanks all for opinions.

Here is how it looks after repair:

Seems like solid (?) wood was used to patch the roof.
Damage sheating was reinforced with yet another solid piece of wood.

Does this look acceptable or should I get someone else to do it properly?

It will work as is, they shortcutted it.

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With your open attic the blocks wont restrict airflow at all. What they did will work fine.

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