How to find someone for my appraisal process against Allstate

I am at my wits. I want to invoke appraisal however my policy states it has to be someone impartial to the claim, so I can’t use my roofing company.

I asked my roofer if he had a friendly relationship with another reputable company in Town I could contact to see if for a fee I could hire them. He said he didn’t

Who do I call??? I’ve tried a couple other roofing companies and they said no. Do I call a general contractor? How do I find someone knowledgeable in these matters??

Where are you? We use an appraisal expert here in St. Louis.

I am in Des Moines, iowa

Let me reach out to some Folks that might know for you.

i’ve reached out to the guy in St. Louis to see if he’d be able to help you.