How to Bid Large Condominium Complex?


Hello everyone thanks for taking your time to read my question!

A customer call me on a short notice to get a bid on a large Condominium Complex he need it a bid the same day to presented to the board. The property has 15 buildings with shingles roof all the roofs need to be re-roof. My question is how would you guys come up with a working bid for the project? Will working fast to get the bid ready will cause under bid issues? Have you guys had any similar situation?
Will turning down this lead will save some headache?

Again Thanks in Advance I do Appreciate any input :slight_smile:

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I would consider the potential customer very inconsiderate and would not take the lead.
Bad planning on your part does not make
An emergency on my part.
It is a sign of other bad decision/reasoning
That could lead to unsatisfaction.
I need to know that my customer is going to be satisfied before i even start the work.


I’d take a look, come up with your best shot and add 10% on top of that to cover yourself. Tell him it’s your best ballpark given the time constraint and you reserve the right to fine tune given more time. If that isn’t good enough, walk away.


If we are given really short time to bid they get a high number, take it or leave it. No sence you taking a risk for there lack of planning. Half the time they are just looking for another bid and you don’t have a chance anyway.


Agree with MPA. I’d add 15-20% if I submitted one at all. It seems sketchy.