How to be the least intrusive while roofing a Hospice house

I will be installing a roof on a one-story hospice house that has limited access to the sides and rear elevations. There is a 42" sidewalk around the building with grass on each side and 1600’ total eave length. There’s not enough room to get our trailer around the building. It’s shaped somewhat like the Pentagon with an inside area that has a large patio and grass.
Access is only at the front of the building. Because it’s an end-of-life facility I want to be as quiet as possible because family’s go for walks around the building.
I thought about scheduling sections of the roof so the patients could be moved if possible to a quieter area. I’m going to look into carts with large wheels that could be towed by an electric vehicle. I hate to think that someone’s last days with their family will include all the noises that go with an installation.
Thanks for any help/ideas.

what pitch ?i think you can getaway with few gorilla carts and some john deere garden tractor ? pull few trailers at a time up to the front .

Thank you! The pitch is 5/12.

Those people have bigger problems than the facility getting re-roofed.

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I respect you for having the compassion to think about those things. We haven’t done a hospice facility but have done lots of nursing homes/senior care buildings. We just make sure and have someone on their staff, usually a maintenance guy, to communicate with daily about our plan. It can involve working out of order sometimes, staying off certain sections at certain times of day amongst other conditions that arise. It usually adds some man hrs but leaves a very good impression on the people involved and


Thank you Tileman. I appreciate your advice! I’ve been volunteering to play piano at their facility. Maybe if I play loud enough it will drown out the roof noise!

That would be a good angle that 99.99% of your competitors would not be able to match!

Exactly! Good luck this year…

The way i would approach it is to get the job done in as little days as possible.
Dawn till dusk.

If you show up late morning and leave early to try to please them,
They will just complain about how many days you are taking.
And more problems will arise.

Catch 22, thank you roof_lover.

Hire tearoff subs and get it done ASAP.

Some of us believe there are harps in heaven…and pianos in hell!

The good news is a piano has a harp inside…another word for the iron plate. I appreciate your advice on the tear-off subs.

Get the tear off started farthest from the dumpster, couple guys drying in and shinglers chasing them. Pay a bonus for a one day job…Dump a box of no-doz in the cooler, might help!

most of the patients probably wont mind, mostly older folks , they’ve probably been through a roofing or two. however, just make sure that there is no patients who are actively dying (in their last hours). That wouldn’t be a pleasant way to go. Other than that, just keep the unnecessary noises down.

gosh, just saw this was from a year ago…the more you read.