How quickly do you expect your employees to return client’s calls/emails?


I’m the office admin for a small to mid sized roofing company, so I’m on the frontline when client’s call. I am constantly having to apologize to our client’s because it has been several days to quite often several weeks and our estimators and project managers have yet to get in touch. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect calls to be returned within 24-48 hours. I know other industries expect calls to be returned within hours or at least the same day. How quickly do you handle client’s requests?

Thanks for your feedback.

I completely agree with you that a call should be returned promptly. Unfortunately most people do not do a great job at work. If you are going to keep working there you have a challenge. Keep your ear sympathetic to customer so they get their pain out, stand up for your fellow co-worker, and leave your feelings at the office.

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your advice. I do the things you mentioned with the exception of leaving my feelings at the office. I’m still working on that one lol.

As a commercial property manager I’ll give you my perspective. If I call for a roof leak I would like a call back in 1 or 2 hours acknowledging that you can repair the type of roof that I have. I know that by the time my tenant has notified me that there’s a leak every other property owner with a leak has called you before me. I just need to know that you can do the job and you’ll get to it after all the others that have called before me. I’m understanding of the fact that if it has rained you’re busy repairing leaks most of which have called before me so I don’t expect instant service on the repair. If I don’t get a call back then I just call someone else. If I’m looking for a bid on a re-roof it doesn’t matter so much when you call back but it looks better if you call me sooner rather than later.

Thanks for giving a client’s perspective. I think most of our client’s would agree. Knowing is always better than waiting and wondering.

I expect calls to be returned promptly. Same day at worst. If I had people consistently returning calls measured in days, much less weeks, they would be looking for a new job. That’s ridiculous.

Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree with you. I think our client’s deserve better.