How much waste should there be for 203 LF of hips?


Am Fam is saying 17% waste is “completely unnecessary and unreasonable” for 203 LF of hips on a residential roof. Agree? Disagree? They are allowing 15%.


Depends if the roof is 10sq or 100sq with 203lf of hips.


The roof in question was 21 squares


If you have an eagle view or you sketched it in xactimate, you can run autocalc to determine what it should be without guessing. Or use a roof waste calculator.


You’ve got 203 actual square feet of hip / ridge trim and adding 15% gets you 233.45 LF

If 3-tab: 233.45 / 33 = 7.07 bundles; get 7 bundles

If, say Timbertex: 233.45 / 20 = 11.67 bundles; get 12 bundles.

What are you worried about? You’re quibbling over 203 x (17% - 15%) = 4.06 LF?

Is 4.06 LF of hip / ridge trim going to make or break your year?


I appreciate you all weighing in. THANKS!


If you’ve just got 4 slopes, you’ll be fine. But if you’ve got hip into hip or dormers or anything thats cutting it up and creating valleys, you’ll be short especially if they’ve thrown both starter and ridge cap into the waste. They don’t like to move off the 10% for gable, 15% for hip rule, so if you are short, I’d argue to get starter and or ridge paid separately because the can slide that past their managers more easily.