How much to pay for chimney & skylight flashings


How much extra do you pay your installers for skylight and chimney flashing? We have a set price per SQ, ($50 on/$50 off for comp shingles in Seattle) but there’s all these extras and I was curious how much you guys pay your installers for any extra flashing work? They want $50 for the chimney and I think $25 for skylights? Seems fair, I was just wondering what you guys are paying and what items are considered extra?


That’s ridiculously fair. We actually have different categories for chimneys. Small, medium and large. Cleanup and caulk or reflash for each. That’s 6. We also have siding or masonry. It’s different for all of them so the cost needs to be different. If you continuously underpay for this work, you’ll start getting poor quality work. In other words, the crews will give you what you are paying for. It isn’t a matter of fair, it is a matter of the quality of the work product you want to deliver to YOUR Customers.

Think about what is happening. Where do workmanship and leaks come from? A shingle in the middle of the slope? Of course not. They come from chimneys, vents and flashings. So your pay scale better include items that are critical to the long term ability of that roof not to leak. Pay them cheap and they’ll caulk everything to give you six months to a year. Pay them right and they’ll build it right (for the most part. You still have to project manage somewhat and final inspect to make sure they’re earning it.)


$100 a square is really good for your guys, although I am in a different market. It ranges here from $45 to $65 for walkable roofs. I’m in Louisiana so everything is cheaper but gas.

As far as chimney flashing, I have seen anywhere from $250 for a roofer to do it correctly and $750 for a professional sheet metal company to come out and do a cricket per code.

$50 for the chimney must be caulking it only and installing ice and water under the existing flashing.
Like AD said, you get what you pay for.


Thanks, yes prices are higher due to Amazon being here. The range is $40 to $50 for walkable and then higher, also much more for additional layers for tear off. On the chimney, they flash with back pan and step on the sides, then sometimes re-use the counter flashing above if it’s still really good. In that case they spray paint it black. If not, then cut and mortar in a new counter flashing and that would be more like $100-$200 I think. So $50 I will not complain about. Flash skylights $20-$30? Again probably a fair deal. Thanks for the reply.


That’s not bad then, $50 for just the flashing and not counter flashing. Use Ice and Water and you’ll never have a problem. If the counter flashing is still good, no reason to go tearing it out and cutting in another one.

The skylight flashing can be bought as a kit, if you don’t have guys to do it correct. It all depends on what kind of flashing. Think about how much work you would have to put in to do it. Then pay your guys what you think their time is worth. They will let you know if they are getting enough.


I don’t think you are going to get it any cheaper. Honestly don’t want to see pictures of what you get for paying a sub 50$ to flash a chimney.


All that just to post a link to amazon? Are you a bot?


No, talking about how Amazon built about 10M sf here in Sea. Booooom!!!


Thanks. Yes on the water and ice around all of the chimneys we do.


Ah, the old “use ice and water and you’ll never have a problem”. One of my biggest roofing pet peves. I really want this belief to go away.


Not saying never have a problem, just saying to put it under the existing flashing if re-using it. Existing flashing must be in good shape though. Then just add a seam of caulk on the counter flashing. An extra barrier of protection. Does not serve the place of replacing the flashing if it is worn out and faulty.