How much to charge


Newish contractor here. Just finished up a 23 sq roof for my relative, everything came out great. Used the ownes corning desert tan shingles, now onto my questions i only charged $3000 to do it. Yes very very low price, she didnt have very much to work with at the moment anyway and i would of even done it for free. But im curious to know what you guys think is good to charge per sq? Now seeing im young im definitely not worth as much as someone whos been doing it for 30yrs. Whats a decent price for someone in there 20s? Love to hear from you.


If you don’t charge enough now, you won’t be doing it when you hit 30. Your question is quite ambiguous. If I’m purchasing materials and labor, as a GC, I generally want $275 to $350 per square. Depends on pitch, height, roof geometry and some other factors.

If you’re working for yourself, not sure how to answer.


Charge as much as the market will bare!