How much commission to ask as a repairman?

I own the truck, tools, everything. I was originally assuming they would provide the vehicle but they said they would pay me commission for each job and so I would need a truck. Its their workers comp, gst, insurance though. And they also market the leads and will give me the orders and Ill grab the materials in the morning and go do the repair, from what I follow. Or maybe theyd eventually expect me to qoute and sell the repair eventually, im not sure.

I understand somewhat the repair numbers which most companies charge, which is 200 starting charge plus how many hours itll cost for me to do it plus materials.

He said he would send me a percentage offer, but he also said on slow days he would send me on one of the roofing crews and would pay me 26$ an hour, but a shingler in my city (canadian) would easily get 30 an hour, so I figure this commission they offer would shoot lower as well. I would also have to change my truck insurance just in case I get into an accident, plus use my own cell plan, the works

They also planned on creating a division for me, they said they could start marketing repairs, so I assumed theyre interested. Theyre somewhat a small company, 2 in house crews.

Sorry for the long page. Anyways is there a good % number I should shoot for?

Edit : this can be deleted. I didnt take the job!