How late in the year can you re-roof in Massachusetts?

I am waiting for my roofer to confirm a date but he is backed up.

My questions is - when is it too late to install shingles in Massachusetts? I know it is all weather related and from GAF’s website it looks like 40F-90F is the optimum install range, but at what point might you be concerned about shingles laying down/sticking, and push off the job to next spring/Summer? In October?

No major rush on my end - GAF architectural, HD shingles if that matters.


Shingles can be applied year round in Massachusetts.


Here in PA we shingle year round.

I would almost prefer a cold weather install, especially with GAF. Too many roofers take years off of a roofs life upon installation when they roof in the heat and GAF does not have granules to spare!

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Gaf has a new promo 1# free loose granuals in every bundle.

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Did my first gaf job in about 2 years a month ago, to match existing. It was all open copper valleys, the second you set the shingle the dam glue for all over the metal.

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Thanks everyone for the responses - sounds like we are good to go for while at least.

Interesting that you bring up the loose granules. I had asked the roofer about that and he said he won’t use certainteed specifically because of that issue. Did a quick look online and seems both GAF and Certainteed have had issues with that, depending on where you look and who you ask. Is there another brand that I should be considering that doesn’t lose as much>?

The current 3-tab roof is on there since '89 with not one leak. Seeing some heat cracks, and shingles are starting to slip. But I am guessing that whatever I get will not last another 30 years.

We do 95% certainteed. We have never had any granual loss issues in the past 20 years. With gaf the gutters are full before the roof is finished.

I always tell the customer to feel an actual shingle. Gaf timberline are thin compared to a certainteed landmark, and there is an extremely noticeable difference bewtween the timberline and the landmark pro.

MPA is right and CertainTeed has always been good about standing behind their product. OC is also a well built shingle.