How large are each of the companies?

I am new here so first and foremost hello to you all! I was curious as to what types and sizes of roofing companies we have on this board?

Our company is a commercial/residential roofing contractor and our core group of employees is about 65 and then during our peak season we average about 110.

Does RoofBoy, Kieth, work for your company?

I have enough guys to keep me busy right now and will expand my company again after my 5 year old goes to school full time.

Been in business for about 25 years with 8 years as a journeynman in the Chicago Roofers Union first.

In the early to mid-90’s I had up to 27 men working with me, but now, I try to keep it around 7 year round.


10-15 employees, mostly residential. $1.5 million in sales last year.

Funny you ask about Roofboy as he just walked into my office and said he could no longer bad mouth Rain Proof on here! :smiley: So yes he does.

7 workers, $400K in labor last year, 8 months, 4-5 days a week.