How does one get the pricing for Insurance Claims?


I have absolutely no experience with making Insurance Claims from storm damage. I hear some talk on here concerning line items and I for one would like more information.

I hear people mentioning Exactimate, but I personally would rather line item but where would one gather these pricing lists?

I am sure it would be regional.

I am guessing most of us that have little or no experience dealing with claims are quite intimidated by the process and any help would be appreciated.


A program called xactimate. That has updated pricing for every area and its desgined to regionally update. Check it out.



Exactimate does line item pricing.


Exactimate. If you can’t afford it, go buy a few beerssssss (or 10) for someone that has it.

That’s what I do (did)… but it wsan’t beer. He’s just a cool guy.


I ask the homeowner for it. I try to sell all RCV so I grt the paperwork on most of the jobs I do.