How do I pick the right company for my repair?


Hello. I own an 85 year old house that has a slate roof - which is in need of repair. For the record, I dearly love the slate. I don’t know if it’s feasible to repair it - but I *know *I can’t afford to replace it with new slate if repair is not the best option. I have tons of questions, but the one I have for you professionals is this:

When getting a quote, what kind of questions should I ask? I want to make sure I communicate effectively, and I don’t want to leave out important stuff that could be crucial in the decision making for either side.

Thanks in advance for your input!


how many slate need to be replaced,how do they go about it,usually you get a price to replace so many(50 or so)then a discounted rate per slate from there on,is the decking in good shape?"""""the flashings?what kind of warranty-if you need a contactor feel free to e-mail(in my profile) me,i have someone very good down that way,if he cant do it hell know who is good for that!we may have someone on this site as well,(not sure) :expressionless:


Thank you! You mentioned some things I hadn’t thought of, so I feel a little smarter than I did yesterday! I’m in the process of getting estimates now, and will send you an email for your referral. It’s not easy to find someone who is willing to do the job, so I could use the help.


the man you want to speak to on this site is dennis…he is the resident slate god


Thanks! I kind of got that from reading posts on this site and researching the Internet. Dennis? Are you out there? Any words of wisdom for me?


What specific questions do you have about slate roofs ?




You want to see some roofs he has replaced slate on.

Take pictures and post them. We will tell you if it is done right.

There are a lot of guys that think that they know how to replace slate. They do not have a clue.

Do not let anyone on your roof unless you are sure they know what they are doing.


dennis is in ohio,tinner is in virginia,think he might know what he`s doing lefty???i do–i also agree dennis is very good,but it seems a long way for him


Hi Roofinggod,

Tinner would be good.

I just do not want the homeowner to get a butcher. That would ruin a good slate roof.

I had a homeowner tell me a guy told him his slate roof was nailed in the wrong spot. So he needed to replace the roof.

That is the nonsence that is spread around.


Tile looks real nice and lasts a long time if done right it sure is slick though! When repairs are needed in slate roofs tiles need to be removed from the ridge (top) down to the problem areas. This can be very time consuming. Also slate tiles have 100 + year life span on them. You said the building was 85 if the tiles are the original roof (most likely) then you should have another 15 + years worth of life in them. Not sure if any of that was useful or not…
Dennis is definatley our expert on tile has been for quite a long while now. Nice to see that others agree. :slight_smile:


tinner is 20 miles from her,you should know me better than that by now lefty,you replace individual slate by making a copper bib(w/clips),this roof is a light pitch,copper nails werent used and looks horrible,needs to be replaced,tinner sent me the pictures---if you want lefty e-mail me and ill send them to you if you want to see,its way to far gone for anything but replacement,and the pitch is not steep,i would say the felt is crap at this point also,its been tarred in several places hips included and quite a few are sliding,w/the nails rusting the rest are on their way as well—never assume fellas-didn`t you learn that in grade school,dennis is in northern ohio a good distance from this job(hundreds of miles)i would definitely reccomend him as well as tinner if he was licensed in the neighborhood :wink:


Hi Roofinggod,

I was not question you at all. I am glad that tinner was able to look at it.

I just hate to see a slate roof butcher up. There are so many good slate roofs torn off, because guys do not know anything but shingles.


Yeah,you`ve seen my photo album at the coffeeshop,i had plenty of slate to remove and replace/reinstall around the turret in order to install my copper crickets and valleys,because we were keeping the slate for the turret area(copper/grand manor album)anyone wants to dis my screen name should go look at it 1st,then an apology is always good—everything i do,i do to perfection,or i recommend someone better in that area–under same screen name w/out the #1–for the ones that need to see