How bad is this?

Getting ready to buy this house and need to know how bad this is. Also how long does it look like it will last… (built in 97) and how much usually does a new roof cost?

Kansas City, Missouri

more pics would be helpful.From what I can see you could probably get another 3-5 yrs if you replaced the really bad looking shingles.Just guessing though,couldn’t really tell for sure without more pics.

need some pictures of it but basing my opinion from the first picture i would say another 5 years if you have someone replace the bad shingles like the ones shown in the second picture.

Possible Hail damage in photo # 1 and splitting along the apex of the ridge cap shingle in photo # 2.

Have the current owner turn in a hail damage claim, if the picture shown in # 1 is common throughout the entire roof.


Roof looks to be around 7-10 years old. I agree with Ed. The damage you’ve shown has impact points on it, which means hail. It was hard enough to imoact the matting and looks like it happened when it was pretty cold, the way the impact blew up the shingle

Just an update. The sellers contacted their insurance company and they put on a new roof for a 500 deductible. Seems the insurance company thought the same.

thanks for everyones help.