How a professional loads the roof


Todays 8/12.

Anything 5/12 or steeper gets 2-3 12d nails into two trusses on each side of each stack to keep the shingles from falling.


Stacks on the sides should have another bdl so the ones going over the peak can sit flat…



No, This is absolute perfection.
Study it and learn.

2 bundles on each side before pallet stack
On lower slopes.
3 bundles on each side max for this steep roof.

4 bundles would not work.

These shingles are as flat as can be.
I’ll also post pics today of completed roof when i am finished today so every one can admire my completely flat roof ( winter install).
There will not be a single fishmouth, hump, bump, ripple, nothing. Totally, completely flat.
Thankyou Atlas.


Finally breaking down and using synthetic roof lover? Thought you hated the stuff… :wink: Or are you just using it cause the roof is a bit on the steeper side?


P.s. I wish atlas (along with malarky) shingles were available in my area. Still never used either of them.


How do those cordless harnesses work? Sorry, I see the retractable now, was just busting your balls.


Im all Ice and water sheild 4/12 and below.
I’m all d226 felt for 5-7 pitch.
And GAF Tiger paw for 8/12.
Because my guys have the most confidence in grip with Tiger paw than any other underlayment.
And it is Very hard to handle a fat quality roll of felt on an 8/12.
This customer paid extra for d226 30 pound felt.
And it was a done deal. But my salesman thought it was a 7/12.
I stopped by the job a few days ago for logistics and fiquring out where everyone needs to park
Noticed it was a 8/12 the second i saw it.
Confirmed it and then talked to the homeowner
And told them, No, you are not getting felt.
Even though we are felt lovers and told them we use felt on every job.
We rarely do 8/12s.
We stay plenty busy without them.

I even had the conversation about the “special” warranty and that NO i would not be using all Atlas products to get it.
Atlas synthetic hasnt proven walkable to me on a wet 8/12 and i am not going to experiment with it.
Not today.

Very disappointed in Atlas removing their
15# d.226 heavy asphalt saturated felt from production.
It was the best felt made in the world.


Fresh photos.
11 am done.

We got it done but was unhappy still with grip when it was wet this morning…
Also noted that Atlas pinnacle was a little More slippery than Certainteed landmarks on 8/12s.



67 sqs exactly.
I had 4 shingles left over.
That is after i frantically went behind every roofer i could on the hips and helped fill them in with the smaller pieces instead of just letting them hang a whole shingle over a hip.
A lot of hip on this roof.
We used almost 5 sq of cap.
My guys thought we would be short for sure
And they would have been right if i hadnt busted my rump.


Looks good. Do Atlas have a 1 1/2 double thickness nailing area?


Something like that, might be 1.25 but way bigger than most. Also 6" exposure so snapping lines, shingeling high or around obsticals is super easy.


Yes, i love them for it.
Low nails, exposed nails have been eliminated from the equation.
That extra half inch of double thickness is a life saver.
It really should be the minimum double thickness
On any Shingle.
And tapered too as them!!


How do you find using the yo-yo instead of ropes?


Check out the screened-in pool all along the back of the 8/12.
It aint easy not destroying screens on a 8/12 tear off…
I bought some 4x8 insulation boards as protection accident only.
We still tried not to let anything slide down there.


Yes!! Thankful for these Atlas’s
I go to great lengths to get them.
But wish i had access to Malarky too.
For a well designed adequate nailing area and superior algae resistance.
These other manufactures need to step up!!
Their machines need to be upgraded.
And they need to spend time on their granules to eliminate stains!!

Or sell their material at 50 cents on the dollar
Because that is what i …

On the other hand I did just get a good report from a homeowner
Describing good results from the product “spray and forget”
He did say it took a few months to work but lasted for years he said.


4 bundles would not work.

I mean you’d have to start your stacks a little lower…

There will not be a single fishmouth, hump, bump, ripple, nothing. Totally, completely flat.

Probably true for a winter install – try leaving those stacks up there for a week of warmer temps and those bundles that are humped over the peak will be a pita to put on.

Just ball-busting BTW – yr finished pics look nice.