House on predicted hurricane Dorian path with half done roof job!

Was not aware of this hurricane coming when I had scheduled this roof job.
Job was started Monday large crew tore up the old shingles and installed underlayment. Tuesday no work done just delivery of shingles. Wednesday no work done. Thursday 2 man crew showed up and started nailing shingles and managed to finish half of the 1400 sq ft single story house roof. Tomorrow Friday contractor is confident job would be done and ready for inspection.

Weather report already 80% rain chance Friday until Tuesday when Dorian is predicted reach my house if it keeps its current track.

How much cure time does shingles need before it can withstand a hurricane? Should I have a third party inspection? Is this roof job heading into disaster?

Reading some threads in this forums is making me regret going for the cheapest quote I received. I would appreciate any great advice or input on my semi finished new roof with hurricane pending predicament!

It only takes a few minute for the shingles to seal once the sun is high in the sky.


Does your roofer have General Liability or was that part of the cheap part? If they get the shingles installed and the winds aren’t too high, you may be okay. But you said it, you get what you pay for. 16 SQ roof should have been completed in less than a day.

Did the roof get done today? If not, I’d suggest covering any exposed underlayment with multiple layers of heavy duty tarps. They’ll be expensive and a pain in the ass to install during winds but worth it if they save all of your ceiling sheetrock and insulation. I would also suggest riding that cheap roofer pretty hard until they get the job done if there is any way to do so before the majority of the heavy weather hits.

You had to read these threads to find out you shouldn’t take the cheapest bid? I hope you have youth as an excuse.
In all sincerity though, good luck with the upcoming storm. I hope your family stays safe.

Yes this is the first house I owned and first time trying to choose the right contractor is difficult. I mean do you always for the highest bid? Got them from BBB and I checked their current license and insurance. Thankfully Roof was done today hopefully rain doesn’t start soon and hurricane needs to make turn northside soon.


Roof choice is irrelevant right now. Stay safe.

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Florida is like a Nazi state when it comes to roofing, any roofer you get there that is legal should be adequate.

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You would think so.
But these goobers around here think synthetic on a low slope roof is acceptable.
Much of the actual nailing is still inadequate
Because the manufactures are not making the shingles correctly and making it near impossible for the roofer to do a great workmanship job. ( every nail in the double thickness)
I dont trust hardly any of my competition putting on a great roof.

They dont sell the quality of their roofers.
They sell stupid outrageous warranty’s / name recognition from GAF and OwensCorning.
They dont see the deficiencies in these shingles.

Original poster, By the time this hurricane hits,
Your shingles will be sealed down perfectly.
Today is sunday, sun is shining bright,
They are sealed and flat.
Nothing to worry about.
Its done.