House insurance nonrenewal

My house insurance send me a letter say my policy is nonrenewal. The reason they say my claim on roof leak. Question is if I fix the roof can they still denied my policy to be renewal. So should I look for another insurance company just in case they dont renewal my policy and will other company dont.want my business

Sounds like your roof is old so they won’t insure you anymore.

Get the roof inspected by a qualified contractor who specializes in insurance work. You may have options you are not aware of.

Otherwise most likely you need to replace your roof to be able to obtain proper insurance coverage.

If you just patch it and then apply for coverage a four point inspection will be done which will put a spot light on any roof issues.

Same happened to me. They wanted me to patch a few missing shingles that had blown off before they renewed me. I had 3 months left on my policy. Got it patched and then showed proof and they claimed the patch job wasn’t acceptable. So I filed a claim. They paid my roof while I was insured by a different IP.

Edit: My roof was 18 years old at the time of claim. Original arch. shingles.

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This is a roofer’s forum, your question is best answered by an Agent. I believe they can deny renewal. You should get a savvy contractor that is local and good with Insurance work. You may very well have enough damage to warrant the insurance paying for a complete replacement. Makes sense doesn’t it? If it is bad enough to deny renewal it may have damage and they don’t want to get caught paying for it. We’ve done this several time. Sweet justice for the insurance companies trying to pull a fast one.

If your roof doesn’t warrant replacement by insurance, you’ll likely need to replace it out of pocket before getting coverage.

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If you want to look for other insurance then I will say you to buy equity release. It is safe and it is more beneficial. It is actually good for older people. At the retirement time if anyone needs a huge amount of money then this policy will be helpful at that time.