Hot Dip not used, elecroplated used


My last two requests: can you show a pic of a nail with a neoprene flashing? When you do your yearly inspection can you come back here and share the results?


I will post my yearly inspections, the flashing is just a tube of caulk from HD, in my opinion superior to BJ roofing. there were only about dozen issues I fixed, all near hips, didn’t find any on open straights runs, didn’t lift but a couple dozen shingles, so maybe I found them all.
I have a detached carport with 13 year old roof, I think I will experiment and apply some clear shingle saver (acrylic ) to some of it and see if it keeps gravel from coming off, keeps mildew at bay, and doesn’t hurt shingle (curling, etc).
Something I might put on house in future, might only apply to butt joints, top of shingle, keeping it away from edge so water can drain from underneath shingle.
Probably not a generally recommended product.