Honest Door Knocking Storm Chaser


Thank you. It is a simple process, do as they (manufacturers) say to protect your customers investment.


Authentic Dad,Damn it Mark you makin friends again ??? Lmao,Gimme a call when ya get a second.

I sold 2 today from door knocking,also had 2 reinspects from denial,lmao,Colateral Damage ??? Yep,only about 13 strikes per square,Love getting those denials approved.

What a kick ass day.It was a great day to be a human.


Obviously repairs are not your game. That entire house is decked with 1x8 decking. I simply used the same kind of wood that exists on the home. Which is the BEST possible thing that could have been done.


Ok, I unknowingly vented my frustrations about storm chasers to the storm chasers themselves. I guess I got what i deserved. I should of been familiar with the site first. KNOCK ON BRETHREN!


I personally know some VERY heavy hitting “Storm Troopers”.

Storm Troopers are legit."Storm Chasers IMO are SCUM !!!

A Trooper will set up shop and provide a “Quality Service” a chaser will knock out some roofs and get as much money as they can as quick as they can before the homeowners know what hit them.Usually they (Troopers) are bad mouthed and labeled for what the chasers are doing.

A legitimate Trooper will have GL,Comp and a Bond.They contact the local Chamber of Commerce to find out local and state licensing requirements and will know building codes and permitting requirements and apply them to their installation guidelines.

Troopers use E-Verify and know their employees,subs and salesmen are in our great country legally.Chasers use what ever means necessary to make a buck.They target the weak and naive usually the elderly,handicap or anyone else
who is not somewhat street,common sense savvy.

Troopers go into a situation (Storm) with the best intentions of providing a respectable,law bidding,code compliance,(breathe)state and local jurisdiction licensing,quality oriented,homeowners best interest in mind (breathe) Professional Storm Restoration Contracting Service.

The difference between locals and Troopers (For the most part) is the Troopers are all about getting jobs,and getting MANY of them.They don’t settle with a piece of the pie,they want it all and if your not as quick to respond you will be left with only the crumbs.

Locals (For the most part) will “Settle” with 250 or more jobs,Troopers will get 250 and say that was cool,now lets get 250 more.

Troopers breathe,eat,sleep,drink and dream of sales.If they sell a million in 60 days,they are competitive enough the next time they want 1.3 million in sixty.Troopers are 100% prepared for the storm while most locals only react.If your in the reaction phase of a storm then buddy your a few steps behind.And in storming everyone knows time is money.

I know some locals who adopted some Trooper technique and when a storm hits they know.Honest ethics,some integrity,deep pockets,a very strong assertive sales force and a pretty nifty Hailswath will get you far in the Storm Restoration Service.

On the flipside I have fixed epic fails from fellow local contractors many times.

Months ago,I did a hail damaged roof that was done by a big name/billboard/trucks/television/radio etc. Roofing contractor who was local.There was not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 layers of felt perfectly cut in the form of step flashing but 5.The elements ate through 3 of the 5"x7" step flashing.Lucky for them they had 5 layers of 5"x7" “Felt flashing” lmao

BTW,This is a compilation of posts i had used recently about storm chasers.

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Most of these guys know nothing about roofing. Most companies are just businessmen. I feel like you should know the product that you are selling. How do you know your installing a roof the right way if you know nothing about it?

I think that you should at least be able to flash a skylight or chimney that’s what makes a great roofing company. When the owner himself is a knowledgeable roofer.


That’s the blueprint I used to get rich. please delete it so everyone doesn’t catch on, and keep working your ass off for peanuts


@Roofmaster417 I like your terminology!

I’d educating myself right now as I prepare to get into roofing sales. If you’d be willing i’d love to connect in hopes of some advice or a point in the right direction in terms of finding a good organization where I can chase storms (as a Storm Trooper).

I’m PM’ing you now! Hope to hear back!

Best, Jesse


What is a “GL,Comp and a Bond”


ReroofGA, Thanks for sharing. You speak the truth of course. I don’t know how someone thinks you could scam the insurance companies. That does not and will not happen. They send out adjusters. The insurance companies set the price. It is legitimate and as you said only an inexperienced idiot would consider inspecting a roof, going through the insurance claims process without a contingency. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on all the work.


Actually only an inexperienced idiot would still be using a contingency agreement as in general, they are useless in court. If you want something worthwhile, you sign your customer to a contract with a separate fee schedule agreement in the event they cancel for convenience.


The creator of this post unfortunately correct about many “storm chasers”. However, that is what I do and we are a completely legitimate company who takes pride in our work. We are also better equipped with knowledge and experience than the local companies, especially when they have not experienced widespread damage. We are licensed, bonded, A+ BBB rating. We also go straight to the chamber of commerce and get our company licensed to build in the city, as well as the sales team to be able to go door to door. We honor all warranty work. There were 4 out of the 500 something we sold last year and they weee all addressed and fixed. We also use our own crews who travel with us, so we know they’re work. On the flip side of that if you think local contractors are using local crews to do the work in a storm damaged area you are sadly mistaken. They bring in many crews to handle the work. There are networks of crews out there who work with many different contractors. Very low quality control


If you want to know the truth about OC warranties I will fill you in and you may have a different opinion afterwards. Every manufacturer will have problems periodically but the way we judge them is how it is handled. OC will do everything possible to dodge liability and it has been costing them big time.


My mistake. Responded to a 5 year old post.


How long is your warranty? How do you proceed if you have a customer with a three-year old roof calls and says “I had two cap shingles blow off the other day and land in my yard.”.


Our warranty is for 5 years. If it was very high winds then it would be a manufacturer warranty or insurance issue. If not, then it is an installation issue and would be on us


How do you determine what the cause was? What happens if the say it hasn’t been windy in weeks. Things happen and maybe a few cap weren’t nailed well or they got some heavy foot traffic and the end of the job and we’re loose from the beginning.

I’m curious to how the process works. I haven’t had much experience with storm chasing. Only one significant storm in my 20 years of working in my area.


If it weren’t for storm chasers hell half the time the guys local wouldn’t even have any business because they didn’t know it hailed until a homeowner called them telling them they have hail lmao
You know I have done both. All while I was storming, my dad was holding our business down at home.

I have to say the ones giving a local company a bad name and even worse payday is the old timer who increases his Roofing price just the amount of the supply house increase and still sells based on his contract price instead of his skills and inability to learn and stand up in the insurance world. Also The guy sending his hourly employee out to risk his life to change a pipe boot for $50. The same old guy still keeping our industry one of the only ones without a service charge. I happen to be higher, charge for my service call, sell more than local Larry and a ladder, use door knockers and contingencies.
I’m sick of the silly new construction roofers that do terrible new construction pay their crew $35/ square and just because it’s a little more money comes and does the reroof for $45/ square on insurance job. Silliness

All while when supplier goes up $10/square that’s all they increase. Yeh why would we increase our profits, I mean surely cost of living hasn’t went up in 20 years.


I saw many, like me, taking up for storm chasers.
End of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Storm chasers must exist, otherwise every city in the last 10 years hit by a major disaster would still be water damaged, unroofed, burned down, financially collapsed and crying for government assistance until our kids kids got out of college.

I tell my customers this:

Look, you are accepting out of town money, out of town person to give you the check, materials from an out of town supplier, not to mention I bet your “local” contractor doesn’t even have “local” roofers. Get over yourself, you want a roof this month or 3 years from now lol