Homeowners roof was high nailed, what recourse could she have?

Long version:

She had it done last year. I know her somewhat and she was telling me she did her research and got a reputable company (chose the middle quote with reviews) and because the same company did her neighbors.

I guess the company subbed out her roof and these 2 guys came and shingled it. They tried taking those maxi metal vents (to sell I guess?) and leaving the old ones in but the home owner stopped them as they were pulling away and asked about them. They said theyve been replaced. So she called the company, the company at first told her its okay but she insisted someone come out. They later said she was right and replaced them.

Now I told her I’ll double check for her so she could sleep better as I told her her old roofer was short a drip edge (thats how thos got started). Its all high nailed, they tarred around the vents and not under them, back pan looks like the installers had no skill. Looks like the work of a couple of handymen (and they had the nerve to say they had there own roofing business and they just sub once in awhile.)

Anyways Ill eventually have to tell the owner she may experience blow offs. The only saving grace is its not a steep, just a simple 5/12 and she has a tree line. I was thinking of telling her theres not much recourse, the company would probably fight her saying it doesnt leak but I’m inexperienced in the business and warranty side of roofing so this is in a grey area to me. may have to go back up and measure more to see if they actually hit the 2nd layer.

Company hired a sub, sub high nailed her roof. Any recourse or is she on her own? It doesnt leak or no problems.

You know more than most roofers.
Unfortionately this what you will
See on most roofs.
5/12 and a treeline…
I think Shes ok.
Blow-offs are possible as you said because of this.
Still probably hold up to a cat 2 hurricane if the shingles sealed well.

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Have her call the manufacturer and request an inspection to see if the application is warrantable. Take the report with the big NO WAY on it and sue for a properly installed roof. Tired of seeing shit work get passed by consensus. End of rant.


@roof_lover Thanks roof_lover appreciate it

@Darkthirty Yeah that’s a good option I never knew to go about, I’ll mention it as one option when I explain to her about her roof.

That’s very shoddy work but not far from the norm. Sadly. That root would not pass a warranty inspection. I’d say her only recourse is to slaughter the company in social media until they capitulate or hire an attorney. A few windstorms and those shingles will start flying off. I’d advise her not to have Allstate or Liberty Mutual for an insurance company.

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