Homeowner re-roof questions (cont.)-Ridge and Hip


Using Landmark shingles and 4/12 pitch.

Do you shingle over the hip and ridge on both sides (let the shingles bend over the hip and ridge)? When I remove the old caps, the shingles over lap ridge and hip on both sides. But it was thick 3-tab shingles.

Or, trim shingles flush to ridge and hip on one side and overlap on the other side?

Thank you for your time and help.


There is no need go overlap shingles on hips. I usually leave a small gap in the middle, half inch or so on each side.
If there is no ridge vent, I do overlap one side of the ridge. Just a little extra protection


Over lap the top of the shingle over the hip
On the first side.
Cut the hip back about an inch or so on the other side of the hip.

This way if a storm in the future blows the cap shingles off, it wont likely leak.

On the ridges, i overlap both sides.


Thank you for your answers @patchap @roof_lover.

I have several more courses until I get to a ridge and then start shingling a new section with hips.


Cut shingle back flush to the hip and ridge on each side, overlap the deck protection (felt/synthetic) to close on hips, and on ridges without ridge vents. GAF has a Steep slope and a low Slope Field guide that will help with all of your roofing install specs or question, ask your supplier to get you one or request one, GAF.com


Install all hip and ridge shingles last, dry in by overlapping deck protection



Thank you for your sugguestions.

I am using Certainteed Landmark shingles but will check out GAF field guide (if available on their website) and learn what I can.

Thanks again for all the replies.


Quick summary: Using Landmark shingles, Mountain Ridge hip & ridge caps, 4/12 pitch, plan to install gutter but no gutters now.

I am near the point where I can install some hip caps.

Hip cap question:

  1. Can I overlap both sides of hip, like for ridges, for extra protection? Is there anything wrong with this approach? You have suggested to overlap one side and trim flush the other side.

  2. How do you place the first hip cap?

If I place it to the end of the outside corner of the shingle overhang, there are “ears” sticking out. If I trim that flush to shingle overhang, it will not look good with the Certainteed Mountain Ridge cap (high profile cap with shingle folded under). If I pull back the first hip cap, there will be a short piece of hip that will not be covered by hip cap.

Thank you.


Yes, cut the “ears” off.



Thank you for your reply.