Homeowner re-roof questions (cont.)- Nailing pattern



It has been raining heavy lately in SF Bay Area and so I am not re-roofing until the rain stops. I am also working on yard drainage around the home. There is no leak where I shingled.


new 1/2 OSB radiant barrier,
4/12 pitch,
Landmark Shingle,
1 1/4 in hot dipped ring shank galvanized nails,
hand nail along the lower nailing area for steep slope (double laminate)


  1. Certainteed only requires 4 nails per shingle and I opted to hand nail 6 per shingle sometimes more to cover the small field pieces. I evenly spaced the nails with the two end nails 1" from the edge. Is this the right pattern for 6 nails per full shingle, evenly spaced?

  2. In some threads, you all posted not to have nails on the seams (butt line). There have been a few times that my nails are right under the seams, so I put a dab of Loctite PL Roof and Flashing sealant over the nails. Is this ok?

  3. If I have any nails that are within 2 in of a seam, I also put Loctite PL over them. But you posted not to have any nails within 4 in of a seam. So I will put PL over any nails withing 4 in of a seam? Is this ok?

Please give me constructive comments so I can do a better job on my next roof plane.

Thank you for your help and time.



Check the wrapper. 6 nail certainteed spec is one on each end then 2 groups of 2 evenly spaced. If you evenly space 6 nails across the shingle they will likely be too close to the seams if using the spec offsets.

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All you need is one nail on each end and three in the middle don’t put any nails on the seams use an Owens Corning duration shingle