Homeowner from hell

went to give a bid the other day.homeowner wanting a repair,the roof is shot,did my inspection and found there was some decking that needed to be replaced. was talking to the husband and was explaining everything to him,and was also willing just to do the back side where the major problem is.the wife comes out of the kitchen screaming,if i have to get 50 people out here i,m going to.i told her that i always tell home owners to get at least 3 estimates.think she wanted me to give her a free roof, as i had not yet talked price,kept my cool and left.i have 2 estimates for them,1 for just the back side of house and other for entire roof.but think i,ll wait and let them call me back after the other 49 people march all over this roof.this woman is a real b----,i really don,t care if they do call back or not,ther loss not mine.people just don,t have a clue

Pity the husband. It must’ve been a bad time of the month for the wife. What did the husband say?

Good grammar is your friend.

Tar, his grammar was OK… it’s just his understanding of where the buttons are on his keyboard.

Note: The button next to the key is an “apostrophe”----> ’

The one up to the left of the # 1 is an accent.

The one next to the “M” is a comma.

Apostrophe is the one used in a contraction, i.e. “it is” condensed to “it’s”.

Oh, one last thing: put spaces after a period.

Normally I let spelling Nazi stuff go by, but I felt I had to redirect Tar’s comments.

Stay away. You can’t and don’t want to be awarded every job.These people don’t seem like value oriented customers and a little bit nuts. Add a zero and if you get the job it will worth the headache you will encounter.