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We are building a home and I am concerned that the architect didn’t consider a dead valley on the right dormer. I’m concerned about how a large gutter or water collector would look in front of the dormer. At this stage of construction, what would you suggest? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What roofing material is going on the barrel dormers and what is going on the main roof?. What type of valleys are planned?.

If I was doing the job I would do flat seam copper on the barrel dormers and integrate the right one directly into an open copper valley.


@MPA, Thank you! We are planning on asphalt for the majority of the roof and copper for the dormers. Would a W-Valley work? Should we consider narrowing the dormers? A friend suggested a commercial collection basin on the roof that would feed into the gutter system, but this would be in front of the right dormer.



You could do either w or straight open valley. Turn the dormer roof down the side and lock and solder it to the slaters edge on the valley. That would create what we in the Ne call a gusset.

If you do the copper work that way and use open valleys in 30 years you just need to replace the shingles and all of the sheet metal work can stay in place.


I hope the front of the house gets
Plenty of sunshine.
And you have a nice natural down ward slope irrigation away from the house…


Where are you located? If no snow or ice, I don’t see a big issue there if roofed properly.