Holes in roof after replacement of shingles

Had new shingles put in, is it normal to have holes? Roofer said it is and has not offered to fix.

What do you mean by holes? Do you have a photos?

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Can you please send me an email address the forum won’t allow multiple pictures.

Thank you.


If it’s plank decking, you might have some splits in the wood or knot holes punched out, but I think you have some rot that wasn’t replaced.

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Should that have been replaced before placing new shingles?

1" holes are no big deal, the larger one should have been chopped out. Looks small enough that a metal patch would have been sufficient to.

Likely won’t cause you problems but that certainly isn’t Grade A work by your roofer. Those rotten areas should have been replaced.

Question I have is do I let the insurance company know, and do i make the payment or until repairs are done, I had the whole roof replaced, but rotted wood wasn’t replaced. In several places.

Why would you possibly consider letting the insurance company know? It has nothing to do with them and all you would be doing is potentially opening a can of worms. If there are a couple of larger holes, you could require the crew to come back out and repair those. Other than that, pay them.

A “SOLID” roof deck is the foundation to the entire roofing system. 1”holes, damaged or rotted roof deck allows moisture/ humidity from your home and from nature/environment will wick and weep under the deck protection, moisture turns to steam when heated, steam is hot air, air causes blistering of the shingles, blistering shingle decrease the life of that roof significantly… in my opinion I would be suspicious of the entire roof, if a roofer does not know what the basic standards and practices are as it has to do with decking, what else did he short cut?

Was it in your contract for the roofer to replace damage decking?

Was the roof replacement paid by your insurance company as part of a damage claim?

Let the insurance company know. Do not pay if the contract read replace all rotten decking after tear off and before new roof installation. If not he still should have not gone over bad wood, but you need to pay him for the wood replacement. Hold back 20% until repaired at an agreed to additional cost.

Def should have been replaced. Especially pics 1 and 4. In pic 4 plywood joins are separating (no plywood clips possibly?) and will eventually be a visible depression fr outside. Also appears to be wires running loose everywhere. Wondering how close to the roof deck they are as it could be an issue.