Hiring Sales Consultants


Please post a job description detailing the duties and responsibilities. Do you just sign the roof and not meet an adjuster or what?


Noted !!! We all gotta start somewhere right ? How long you guys bee in the biz ?


We have a couple guys that only do adjuster meetings and inspections; but you can do your own adjuster meetings if you want. We’re looking to train people to go From knocking a door to picking up the final check after build. The company offers a lot of support in areas of expertise until you’re ready to be on your own. We don’t really have a detailed job description because people tend to do what works best for them. As long as your building roofs, we pretty much let you do as you please.


At first, you said $800 per SQ was the average. Now it is the high water point. Regardless, it’s nice to see your enthusiasm.


I’m just telling the truth, not defending anyone. I try to work from fact. I see that is foreign to a delusional BS specialist like yourself.


Uhm, this isn’t my post & I said nothing about an $800/sq average? That honor belongs to the individual whom began this thread… Would you please read through the entirety of this thread once again to jog the memory?

Regarding the $800/square though in relation to you and my conversation, I believe that the last correspondence we had was me asking you to explain your defense for this absurd nonsense of an average post-supp cost per square…


Foreign Delusional BS Specialist


I see no need to discuss the $800 per SQ stuff. It sounds like that was an isolated case and it is some new relatively new guy spouting off a bunch of stuff but then always replies with “it’s above my pay grade”. It’s the internet, anybody can post anything stupid they wish to. You’re living proof of that pal.


Fair enough… from one living proof to another.


what percentage do you pay on repair sales?


We don’t do repairs. If there is any damage On the roof insurance pays to replace it.


The tile roofs go from 800-1500 per square in Florida right now. Mostly all claims are handled by a PA and then paid to the contractors.