Hiring Sales Consultants


Starting a new training program Jan 3 to teach you everything you need to know to go A-Z with your customer. We do not hold employees back, we want you to know what we do. Earn up to $1000 a week during training, after that 8% of checks collected until the job caps out. Tiered profit sharing at settlement after that. At $250k sales, you can build your own team.

We installed 3200 roofs in 2018
We have 5 offices, we are growing like crazy.

Curtis Culver
Cell 321-421-9584
Apex Roofing & Restoration, LLC
745 W SR 434 Suite K.
Longwood, FL 32750


Do you guys provide the Sales Reps with a detailed cost out sheet when the job has been completed, along with their final commission check?


Yes. After the final supplement check comes in.


You get 8% of checks collected… usually 3 per job


So you guys only pay 8% sales commission period on roofing insurance jobs?


No. It’s basically the draw until the build caps out. We have tiered commission structures. Up to 40%


We’ve been getting over $800 a square after supplement. Close to 60% margins.





I cant even think of enough line items to get to $800/sq let alone average that man.


Dam 3200 roofs at an average of 800$ a sq? Say 25sq average roof, 64 mil a year nice.


We just came to Florida in June. AOBs are a new thing for us. Company is out of Alabama. The owner is brilliant, over $30m last year. Come check us out, we aren’t like most roofing contractors. We have deep pockets and zero debt, we need intellectual capital now.



Nice… deep pockets!

Now, about that $800/Square?


$30M - Where?


There are a lot of companies that would be on the list if they cared to release their financials to the publication who puts this together. I don’t know their exact size but I am fairly certain Apex would be more than large enough to make the list. I’m sure their are a number of large roofing contracting owners that don’t want their names published on the list, for their own reasons.


I’d have no idea. That’s above my pay grade. In Fl it takes several months to cap out a job, but it’s worth the wait. I’d imagine the 800 per square is the best we’ve done, and the norm probably falls a bit less than that. I really like apex, we’re just trying to bring some solid people in.


Great point, now maybe you can explain the $800/square.

Don’t worry, I won’t turn blue waiting for an answer.


Just keep in mind the gentleman’s post which you are defending stated this:

“We’ve been getting over $800 a square after supplement. Close to 60% margins.”


What do you mean explain it ?


I can’t figure out if you’re making fun of me or… ha ha. I’m a rookie bro. I’ve been doing this since June. I used to sell securities. It’s possible that we aren’t registered on this site, or maybe I’m being lied to. Who cares. All I know is apparently filing 10 claims a week is considered good for the industry. I dunno, seems really easy to me. The $800 a SQ is above my pay grade bud. We have a dept that handles all the supplements and billing. Our sales team only has to sell. Every Friday they pay me a bunch of money, now I’m hiring people to grow our office.


I’m not making fun of you. The old-timers of this site just like to jump on anything they can whenever they can… it’s why people don’t really visit here anymore. You’ve got the “Authentic Dad” type of fellows that have made it so toxic over time that it’s just not a community worth being a part of, especially as a rookie like you said. There a plenty of other communities that are actually worth you’re time and effort to become involved in, just do a quick google search.

As for the $800/square: that’s just simply an unheard of number to get per square when completing a roofing project per the insurance scope of loss. We’d be Kings if this were the case lol.

I wish you the best of luck!


Awe, Did AD hurt your feelings?
Aww, I am so
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