Hip roof with flat top installation


How would I install a hip roof with a flat top? The detail around the perimeter of the top is what I’m concerned about. I wouldn’t want it to be very conspicuous. I wouldn’t want a flashing and I don’t thing a hip shingle would work with the drainage plane. I don’t think lapping torch down over the top edge would look to good either.

It’s a weird deal. Basically, it’s a covered porch hip/gable with a well and a drain. My idea was to add some joists and make the top of the hip roof flat but now I don’t think thats too great either.

BTW the client wants to do single ply PVC for the well because he can “get some from work” I didn’t think asphalt and PVC played well together. I think this guy is an architect so he’s a PITA.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Youit needs a flashing between the shingle and the flat area. You can probably glue a strip of shingles over it to hide it from the ground. Honesty, if its already a tricky area and the homeowner wants to be a pita about things I’d just walk away from the job. Not worth the headache.


I normally. Just bend some custom edge metal out of bronze .032 or copper. In a situation like that.


I would reframe it out flat
So there is no inside roof and the pond and the drain.
I would seperate the shingle and flat roof with eve-metal.


And you need to charge him significantly for the hassle.
No way would i warranty that without reframing it.

See how it is a constant swimming pool.
And the plumbing underneath?
That needs to be eliminated.
A constant misquito breeding ground above your front door.


Thanks for the advice, everybody. Roof Lover took the cake with the description. :slight_smile:


The human being that designed that should shot & put on trial, in that order.


So should the roofer who nailed the shingles through the epdm way down past the top of the parapet.


A possibility it could be the homeowner…

I wouldnt want this job if i couldnt reframe it out
And without hassle from the homeowner or the city.
I would have it framed, sheeted and underlayment installed at the time of our
In-progress city inspection.

Unless you want to pay double, triple for my time to deal with “an architect”, a general contractor, city officials, and multiple inpections and permits…ok