Hip roof starting course

Roofing an old cabin with OC duration shings. It has 8/12 pitch and complete hip, no rake ends.

I’ve done several roofs; but all were simple gable ends.

Where do I start the hip? Lower left? How does the stagger work? First course is full, next has 6.5 removed, next 13, etc. Due to the angle of the hip, I run out of room for the full number of courses. Any suggestions?

Run two full shingles in a row every other pass and it usually works out. Don’t worry about exact measurements just make sure you have at least a 5.5” offset.

Ok thanks. I saw where some people snap a vertical line and work from center out to left and right, so I was concerned on proper method. All my past experiences were simple gables where you work off a rake edge

Finished it up. Started full shingle bottom left with corner about 1” from hip. Next row I moved the shingle 6.5” to the left and cut off the overhanging piece about 1” from the hip. Third course was moved over 6.5” from 2nd row and material trimmed at hip. Now the 4th course I started over with a full shingle with the lower left corner lined up with my cut line. As long as the right side was offset by the last seam and was not landing on a nail ( which never happened) I ran with it.

I was happy with the end result. Now onto some fascia patching.