Hip/ridge product versus cutting from 3-tab

Getting a couple of different opinions on the product to use on the ridge. Question is using the dimensional-style hip and ridge shingle to go with the rest of the dimensional shingles, or another opinion is hand cutting the ridge pieces from the same manufacturer’s 3-tab.
Would appreciate some opinions on the best way to go.

We cut 3 tabs all of the time unless we can’t get a good match for the shingle or cost is not an issue. In that case we use the matching hip and ridge. You save money that cutting the 3 tab, especially on a hip roof.

Get pre-made specialty hip/ridge.

For several reasons:
Color match–many manufacturer’s 3-tab colors dont match the dimensional color perfectly. This wouldnt matter as much if your ridge isnt visible from the ground, but for a hip roof its a must.

Warranty–Dimensional shingles are mostly 30yr or more. 3-tabs are 20-25, with a few offering 30yr 3-tabs. The ridge is the most stressed item on a roof, and is prone to failure due to being bent over.

Looks–GAF and O/C both make a high profile ridge cap shingle (Timbertex) that is a doubled up piece. Certainteed makes one too, however its meant for their lifetime shingles. The doubled up piece can add a higher profile look to some houses.

3-tabs are always cheaper, but not that much cheaper.

Use the preformed ridge shingles. They are higher profile and look better on a roof. Other reasons,

Same or better protection than a 3 tab offers.

Installation is almost foolproof and finish look is a lot more professional appearing.

As another stated, cutting 3 tabs and folding them is not exactly a good thing for any shingle, theses get a lot of exposure and take a big beating from sun, wind and rain.

It’s an up-sale, WOOT!

Sorry. That’s the salesman trying to get out.

I only buy the special ridge to match the laminate shingles.

If they can’t afford real ridge they surely can’t afford me.

Not all architectural shingles have pre-formed hip and ridge caps. Some are a single ply in any case. I prefer the preformed but you can also double up the single ply ridge or cut 3-tab and it looks just as nice IMO. If you’re going with a doubled single ply it’s a nice look to stagger 1 ply off the other an inch. Gives a more textured ridge.

Personal choice IMO, there’s nothing wrong with cutting 3-tabs unless maybe you’re using 30yr 3-tabs for ridge on a 50yr shingle… Make sure the 3-tabs have a compatible rating as your field shingles.

Certainteed has also updated their install manual thusly:

For the increased wind warranty, precut starter course shingles and ridge cap are to be used instead of 6 nailing.

This is an update for the Eighth edition manual.

At least, that is what I understand it to mean.


ditto mexiroofer.


We cut 3tabs as it is just as good as precut.
And no matter what you are going to have bend them.
if you want the decorative look double the ridge for the thick look.

Save time, waste in the dumpster and cost of hook blades by using actual cap shingles. (time, time, time) that is the way i see it from a management stand point. Plus it counts as a warranty component and it is covered for replacement.

no waste for me marshall.
i cut my 3tabs strait( 2 cuts pr shingle)
makes em look thicker and the nails hold better.

i have often asked, who was the idiot who came up
with cutting 3tab cap at an angle(6 cuts pr shingle).

took many a year for me and a couple other old time roofers to break tampa bay of that ignorant roofin


I do not think that the habit oif cutting at an angle-your six cut-is an ignorant idea. Think about it-and the reason as to why you are cutting it that way is to make sure that you have striat lines at the ridge-especially when running a chalk line. If you only cut the three tabs at a tab each you can have that ugly stub sticking out and makes your ridgeline look bad. There are different ways to do different things but no ignorance here or there unless you can defend your statement call the way other roofers perform their ridge duties.

that ugly stub comes from the cap not bein cut and/or laid strait.
if you cant cut and/or lay the cap strait then yes you will need to cut your cap at an angle, six times.

one more thing.
hip and ridge are not cut at an angle.
they come strait and get laid strait and look thicker,
just like my strait cut 3tab cap.

havin said all that,
either way works


If your not using the hip and ridge that is made by the Mauf, what eles are you short cutting?

There are no perfect matches on the 3 tabs for the dim shingles.

Either the color is just a shade off, or there is no shadow line like the dim shingles.

Just because the homeowner cant pic it up that you didnt use the correct material I can, and just chuckle as I see your sign in the front yard.

Im not trying to make anyone mad, just giving my 2 cents.

Im a 4 cut guy when it comes to cutting ridge cap out of 3 tabs.

[quote=“residentialroofer”]If your not using the hip and ridge that is made by the Mauf, what eles are you short cutting?


Another question may be: What extra’s are we giving and keep the sticker price where we want it?[/quote]

i read ya roofsrus,
but most dem roofs were im at are caped with 3tabs.
have been for years.
only time you use hip and ridge is on fifty year
shingles, which dont get laid very often.