Hip length


hip length
Posted: Dec 30, 2008 11:02 AM Reply

i am building/erecting a small model roof

from 2-1 timber,i have built a 600x400mm area roof on some ply and used a bit of 2-1 also for wall plate

i have drawn out my common rafters on some ply and erected the 1st part of the roof perfect

4 common rafters
1 ridge
2 crown rafters
pitch of roof i decided on was 40 deg

i am trying to cut and fix the hip rafters one by one,but seem to be either too short or slightly too long in my measurements everytime

i have worked out the exact angle/plumb cut etc etc

it is just the length i am out

i have been measuring from where the crown/common rafter meets the edge of the ridge and then down to the corner (without taking any part of the corner off)

my questions are,do i need to take corner off 1st,or can i do it without doing that?

where exactly do i measure from on timber,the point or where the plumb cut starts?

if i take out some of corner do i need to bare this is mind when marking out length?

at moment i seem to be nibbling out a bit from here,addding a bit from there,heads in bits and its not acurate enough for me to be confident to proceed to jacks

any help would be grateful


if you post the exact width of entire model, pitch,and length of overhang, I can give you an exact length of hip rafter from point of 45 to top of plumb cut at bottom…also hip drop allowance,and over hang length


If your using graphing paper than every block would represent a foot and eveything would be the same but you need a common reference point to build scale models