High winds broke Shingle seal


We had 80mph strait line wind along with a few tornados this week. I’ve been swamped putting tarps on homes. Now adjusters are starting to show up. Just meet with one who wants me to replace 12 shingle on a particular roof. I can’t feel comfortable in the repair as tons of other shingles are now loose, some pulled nails up, some pulled off nails. His reply is we only pay for missing or creased shingles. My reply is I don’t need the job anyways- if I don’t get at minimum entire slopes then it’s not worth the time anyways.
So any argument to get this paid for? Just wait till they flap around and crease? Spend some leaf blower time on the roof lol?
Hate to pass off easy roofs if I can get them covered. Especially when it’s all within a few miles of my home


It’s not your argument to make, it is the Homeowner’s. You have no legal standing with the IC, the HO has the policy. The HO needs to make the argument. The argument is that any shingles with a broken seal are no longer functional. I believe Haag Engineering states the same thing. Also, are the shingles repairable or so brittle they will crack/break when the adjacent shingles are lifted to perform the repair.

Don’t even joke about the leaf blower thing. That is insurance fraud and potentially, a felony.


Yes that’s my concern, I fix the missing shingles and all the loose ones with broken seals will eventually blow off as no longer sealed. I asked about a time allowance to Re seal all the loose shingles and no luck. One roof is only 5 years old, roughly half the roof is no longer sealed. About 10% of shingles are either tore or missing which they agreed to replace.

So you suggest I just let the home owners complain and stay out of the battle?

I am really curious to see the longer term results of the broken seals, will they crease with future wind? Or will they re seal next summer?


In my experience they do not reseal properly. They can be hand sealed withoit too much effort.


I’m saying that you can explain the arguments to make to the HO but let them make the arguments. It’s not your battle, you have ZERO legal standing with the IC. It’s the policy holder’s roof, they have the vested interest in seeing it replaced, let them argue for it. Or live with the consequences. You’re not a public adjuster or an attorney. Provide the HO with the facts then let them attempt to do something … or not.