High nailed shingles-should I replace them?

I’ve had several quotes on getting my shingles replaced. I’ve had several small patches get blown off in recent storms.
I’m told my shingles have been “high nailed”. They say the nails are in the wrong location on the shingle.
My contractor says that barring a high wind storm the shingles would be still good for another 5 years or more. I’m thinking of getting it replaced correctly then I won’t have to worry about my roof getting blown off in a storm and possibly getting rain damage to my house.

Do you think it would be wasteful to get the shingles replaced if there is still a possibility of getting another 5 or more years out of the roof?
I’d like to retire in a few years and not have to worry about it.
Thanks in advance.

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Need to prepare the funds now and do your research.


How old is your roof? Have you been losing shingles to wind last couple years?

I’m guessing it’s a little under 20 years old.
Yes. We have lost shingles twice now in recent years, in wind storms.
Also, some of those small tabs are missing. The inspector said those were mainly decorative.
The roofing guys said some of the shingles have lost their seal. He could pull some up. Some he could not.
He said the condition of them wasn’t all that bad, but if we got a wind storm it could pull them up.
I’m thinking of having it done instead of waiting for a wind storm to make the decision for me, even though the existing shingles still have some life left in them.
I’m still working and have the money now. Probably retire in a couple years and don’t want to worry about this then.

Well if you shingles are nearly 20 years old they are near the end of their life. High nailed no not you will need to replace the roof in the coming years.


No,shingle tabs are not just decorative… Many home Inspectors (like yours apparently) don’t have a clue about roofing.

He may have been talking about tabs over apron flashing missing, but with home inspectors who really knows?

I would advise that if you’ve had shingles blow off multiple times now and you are not having any leaks to try to wait until the next time shingles blow off and file an insurance claim. Even if a few shingles blow off, the ones surrounding (due to age of the roof) are likely to brittle to perform a proper repair per the insurance companies perspective. That means you may get the whole roof or part of your roof paid for by your insurance company (minus your deductible).

Don’t get me wrong, the age of your roof is near the end of its life cycle but if there are no issues/leaks then why fix what isn’t broken right this second. If your roof develops any problems/leaks in the near future don’t waste your time with repairs and go for the full replacement.

The good old “Scam the insurance company” approach.

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I really don’t want to have to fix water leaks on my ceilings.
Looking at the roof it don’t look that bad, except where it’s been patched. We couldn’t find matching replacements. The guy said it won’t leak unless a big wind comes along. He showed me how the seal had been broken in a number of places. He said that was due to high nailing.
That’s the situation.
I will find out for sure when the roof was replaced and post that here. The previous owner has that information.

I didn’t know you could scam the insurance company axiom, seems like they are the ones doing the scamming.

The shingles that have broken seals can be hand sealed with mastic/roof cement in a tube.