Here is the prices i was charged for work

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i install ice shield first on the eaves then drip edge goes over it. i extend the ice shield about 3 feet from the edge. on the rakes,i install felt and then drip edge over the felt. i then install drip edge in all valley’s and felt the rest of the roof.

[quote=“RanchHandRoofing”]Ice & Water goes directly to the roof deck.

It is designed to protect the wood, not the drip edge.

Drip edge has multiple benefits:

–It is designed to span the gap between the roof deck & fascia.
–It is designed to protect a wooden drip edge (if you have one).
–It is designed to shed water away from your fascia.


This is the thread I was talking about,instead of Taser reading what was already posted, he would just start another thread.Ranch went to great measures to help him, but it seems it was just a waste of his time.Taser never looked at it.Thanks Ranch for your efforts,I know,Taser should have been the one thanking you for this post.

taser,i made a typo. in the valley i use ice shield not drip edge. drip edge on the eaves and rake.

thanks are a nice guy.

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$160 per sq. thats a joke right. $400.00 sounds more like it

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 Ice shield should be wrapped at least 5" over fascia. Why? So if your gutter is clogged or overflowing, it backs up onto your ice shield, an down the fascia. Otherwise if it was applied on top of the drip edge, water would overflow behind metal fascia and into your overhang. This is assuming your gutters are all installed correctly UNDER the drip edge and pitched to drain.

No this is useless.It would help prevent ice dam problems if it were installed over facia behind gutter under drip edge.When ice builds up in gutters it gets up under drip edge therefore rendering ice and water over drip ineffective and will not protect the decking.Ice damns are the only use for ice and water on soffit areas.In colo mountains it must extend 36"inside exterior wall.