Help with Xm8 corrupted pdf


Hello All,
New to this platform and figured I would make use of the wealth of knowledge I’ve seen on this site over the years.

I am having a specific problem when I try to convert my Xm8 estimates to PDF. Just recently, when I am saving and sending my estimates in PDF format the files are corrupted or unreadable. This has not been an issue until recently. I am currently running Xm8 online on a MacBook pro using Parallels and Windows Explorer (as instructed by Xactimate).

This issue is really becoming a nuisance and is hindering my productivity. If anyone has insight or has dealt with this issue any help would be greatly appreciated. Please don’t respond with “buy a PC” as I have no interest in switching from Apple products.

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, the best answer is to buy a PC. If you’re in the Insurance Restoration business, Xactimate is a key tool for most. It’s worth it to simply buy a cheaper PC just to run Xactimate.

That being said, I see no reason why the PDF is being corrupted. It’s being created in the cloud. How are you creating the PDF? Did you try the option to email the PDF and email it to yourself?

Have you tried contacting Xactimate online live support? They’re actually quite good and helpful.