Help with Holes in Roof


Hi, I made a huge mistake and hired Lowe’s to replace my roof. We has several holes we could see in the attic and showed to Lowe’s sales man before signing the contract. He added price per board to be added to the total cost as needed. No boards were replaces. They paper and shingled over the holes. We complained and Lowe’s told us the hole were not the big a deal and it was done correct. Some on the spots with hole you can see nail from inside the attic. I trying to get advice as to how serious a problem this is. I have added a photo of one of the 7 holes they are all about the same size. I have a second problem. They broke the pipe off that brings sewer gas out the roof. They tell me they can’t come back for 4-6 weeks to fix this is it a serious health hazard.


How big is the hole? From the pic I’d imagine its about the size of a fist. While I doubt it would cause any issue I’d definitely would consider it lazy. Even a piece of metal would have been better than just leaving it and would cost next to nothing.

Lowes and the other big box stores just sub jobs to the cheapest crews they can find (and charge a premium while they are doing it).


I think I can see a nail poking through, which could be blow off concern over time. Couldn’t say how serious the sewer pipe issue is, how damaged is it?


As island said the holes are lazy, not a big deal. They should have had a plumber out immediately to fix the broken soil pipe. Sewer gases are going into your attic and any water going down from the top is getting into your house. 4-6 weeks is not acceptable. I would have wanted it fixed prior to installing the pipe boot on the roof, That way if the plumber has to replace the pipe he is not monkeying with the new boot in your new roof.


That blue line the same color as the hole is a slot probably 3+" wide the entire length of the roof I suspect.

I suspect this is a manufactered home, I always fill in this slot.

Actually i cut one side down so the slot has a wider piece of wood in it


Thank you for your wonderful responses. The sewer pipe must have been pulled on and is broken at the joint where all the pipes from the differant bathrooms meet in the attic. If my husband goes up on the roof tomorrow and covers the pipe with plastic to stop rain from getting in will that make the problem worse.
The holes are about the size of a softball or grapefruit. My husband is worried about damaging those area worse if he steps on one while cleaning of in the fall. Yes the house is a manufactured and the gap goes down both side about 6 inches below the ridge rent the whole length of the roof. Will the gap cause leaking or weaken in the roof. We are at the 2nd highest elevation in NJ and get major snow falls.
The reason we have to wait 4 to 6 weeks is because we do not want the original roofers back. The roofers Lowe’s told me would be doing the roof had very good reviews. They subcontracted to a crew that showed up sick and were throwing up. I thought everyone had gone to lunch because the van left and it was quiet. I went out to get the mail and found out the formen left and everyone else was napping in my drive way. They had a 3 hour nap before the formen came and they work for a hour and went home for the day.I called Lowe’s salesman who sold me the roof to complain about a broken window and flood lights and he told me it was Monday they were hungover and would be sober on Tuesday like it was no big deal. I did not want them back but was told my roof was torn off and if I did not let them finish they had no idea when anyone else could get there. I have been have a social media war with Lowe’s for over 2 weeks . I wish i never hired lowe’s . I went with them for the long warranty that seems to be useless. I added a photo of rood above the garage the looks wavy.


They need to pay a licensed plumber to fix the pipe, you do not want them to send a roofing sub out to fix your plumbing.


Yes the biggest potential issue with the holes is possibly stepping on them. I wouldn’t worry otherwise. How often does anyone go on the roof?


Also I can see the wave you are taking about but don’t know the cause. It could be that they left old debris under the flashings, but it also could just be a sag in the structure itself. People never notice these type of things until they get their roof replaced.


The shingles are not wavy.
They are flat.
The structure is wavy.
The framing is not straight.


My husband went up in the attic this morning and you can see daylight all around the pvc pipe and shining through it. We tried to get a plumber to come fix it but it is sat. No one one was available. My husband went up on the roof and said the pipe was moving with the wind. He covered it over with a garbage bag and rubber bands to keep rain out until we can get some one here.
I did not want it to come off as I am hard on contractors. Gus who did our seamless gutter and gutter covers was amazing. I went on yelp and facebook to recommend him and his son. When we get great work I am thankful and scream it to anyone who will listen.
Lowe’s does not respond to emails or phone calls. The only way a get any response at all is to go on their facebook page and post photos of broken things.


I just enlarged a few photos of my roof right after the tear off and I am not a roofer and a lot of the boards look bad to me. Should I be worried about my roof. I know none of you personally saw the boards but any advice would be helpful.


I can’t see the pic that well but for what I can see no I would not be conserned. While you plywood may be a bit old and ugly it looks fine to me. I’d just get your plumbing pipe fixed and move on. View it as a lesson learned not hire Lowes (or similar) in the future and steer away any others who ask you about it.


IslandRoofing Thank you so much for the help. I never noticed until last night that the sewer pipe is laying along the peak of the roof in the photo. We have a plumber coming tomorrow.


Nothing stands out. If osb is bad it is usually pretty obvious.