Help with broken skylight in flat roof

I believe the roof is a modified bitumen. The skylight appears to be a cheapo acrylic. It’s not too big; I measured 16x16 from the inside.

I’ll probably replace the entire roof within the next few years. I might even cover up the skylight at that time. I haven’t decided yet.

What are my options? Do they just sell the acrylic panel, or do I need to replace the entire skylight? I’m thinking it sits on a curb, but I couldn’t get on the roof due to the rain. Do they still sell cheap single pane skylights?

You couldn’t get on a flat roof because it was raining? I’m confused,isn’t that the most important time to access a leaky flat roof?

The acrylic is cracked, but it isn’t leaking very much.

That’s a small light. If you plan on replacing the roof in a year or two, I’d wait and buy a new light. Put a piece of shower pan liner over the lens. It won’t leak, but it’ll be dark. I order my lens from Marko Plastics in Houston. If you buy a new light, buy a standard size, like a 20" x 20" or 24" x 24".

I’ll post some pictures of the light tomorrow. I would like to either replace the lens or light if possible. I don’t know what the future holds. I may need to push it out further.

Here are some pictures. It looks like it is sitting on a small curb. It is in rough shape. I found one on the other side that was in better condition and took a picture of it. I’m having trouble finding one online. Do they go by curb dimensions? The actual skylight measures around 19.5 x 19.5 inches, so I’m guessing it is an 18x18 skylight. I live in Florida, so we probably install different materials due to there not being any snow load.


Cover it for now and replace the entire thing with the roof. If you start digging into that mess you are likely to cause more leaks than you fix.


I was just going to LOL…

Maybe you can just continue the sealant a little more and the skylight will be completely encased!

A lot of the dome skylights have channels in the frame to redirect the water off the dome. When it gets slobbered with the latest “miracle sealant” it will back up and leak. Had a run of velux skylight repairs 20 years ago where the glazing where the glass / frame met was the leak. Used silicone in a syringe after scrubbing it clean with alcohol. If the leak shows on the ceiling, it’s probably the roof/curb transition. inside the frame, it’s probably the glazing assembly.

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Yeah, this is not a do it yourself installation. You need a pro.

I’ve only done shingle roofs. Do you think I will be able to reflash and replace the skylight? Any help would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t touch that roof unless you are replacing it.