Help! Roofer put wrong color shingles on our house


What did you order?


Thank you axiom. This question has yet to be answered and I am getting annoyed by this thread.


I think he ordered a shingle based on a picture. He has no idea of the name of the actual shingle. Just knows it as “that one.”

It has been answered that no shingle type was even listed in the contract. He could have put anything on and all it could become is a shouting match but instead he is nice enough to offer a discount. It does not matter what his profit is and if you think he should offer more because 500 dollars isnt much. If you dont think 500 dollars is much, tell your boss he can keep 500 out of your next check. It is confusing because you say it is not about money but yet you want to know a good discount amount. He 'maybe" made a mistake. We dont even know if he is right or wrong and the CT rep agrees with him. After hearing what the Rep said I am sort of amazed he is still offering 500 off considering courts would probably side with him and all this has become is a shouting match.


[quote=“shangle nailer”]

Thank you axiom. This question has yet to be answered and I am getting annoyed by this thread.[/quote]

That is the third time I have asked, with no answer.
It’s not a very hard question, I mean there is only 4 colors in the Solaris line.

Aged cedar, Crystal gray, Dusky clay, and Sunset Shake.
I wouldn’t consider any of these to be a Dark gray by looking at the pictures.

It just sounds like the roofer installed what the customer requested, and did a good job overall.
The customer had a picture in their mind as to what it was going to look like, and when completed it was a little lighter than expected.
Well it’s kinda hard to make this type of shingle very dark.
What do you value more your “green” roof or a darker color?

If it is a “green” roof you want, that is what you got.
If you are not happy with the results of your choice you should pay your roofer for the job done, then you can have him replace it with a different color, after you go around town and actually look at what you are choosing.

It sounds like the roofer is bending over backwards to please this person, the only reasonable way he can.
I think he is being overly reasonable and generous.
How can the customer claim it is the wrong color when he doesn’t even know what color he had chosen?


What you picked out(top picture) was not solaris the bottom pick yes you deserve to be pissed


This is what he should have brought and on the back reads "REPRODUCTION OF COLORS throughout this swatch board is as accurate as modern printing will permit.Colors are subject to change by granule manufacture.


I ALWAYS bring a sample of the EXACT shingle the customer wants, and then have them initial next to the color on the contract…

Also before we begin work, I have the customer look at the material.


On my netbooks 10" screen that top pic looks more like GAF mission brown. Bottom is solaris
just sayin


Axiom, if you could read, you’d stop asking the same question that I’ve already answered (and others have pointed this out). But for the fourth and last time: I did not pick a color by name. I pointed to the four choices presented and said, “that one.” There was not color name, JUST FOUR PICTURES. This thread is too long. It doesn’t make sense to keep answering the same questions. So, if I see any new questions, I’ll respond. Thanks to all you who provided insight.


I’m shocked this thread is still going aswell, considering your roofing company admitted you did not get what you ordered, this is a done deal.


I just had a roof installed this week, May 2018.
I picked 'Nickel Grey" from Certainteed using their web site. It is installed and looks exactly like “black Pepper”. The roofer did nothing wrong, the packages are labeled “nickel Grey”. Its outrageously different. I am totally bummed but can’t for the life of me figure out what I can do. I have screen shots of the colors on the web, even the one where I put the color on the house…All the “Nickel Grey” Images look very grey, closer to the black end of the color .
What is on my roof is very light.
Does anyone have any advice for me? How can I get Certainteed to deal with this problem?
I have lots of documentation. The packaging, screen shts form the web site, photos etc.
The roofer bought what asked for, Certainteed has inaccurate images on their sight its seems.


Unfortunately there is not much you can do. I am very familiar with the certainteed website. In a multitude of places it states that the pictures are only a representation and do not use online images for final color selection. I always recommend looking at either a full size shingle board of the color or actual sample shingles.