Help on Matching Shingles

Hey guys,
Got another shingle here that ive never seen that the homeowner wants us to match. was installed about 15-20 years ago. Any help would be great, Ive only been in the business for about 6 years so ive got a lot to learn still about these older styles. Thanks in advance for the help!

Looks like Country Mansion, GAF


@rooferama that it does, is it still around? if so, any advice on how to order it?

It was one of the Elk shingles that GAF acquired. GAF tried to put more dimension to it and I think it’s discontinued, ( don’t quote me). It, like the extinct Capstone were virtually impossible to get apart to repair. Good luck finding it.

Right!! I tried to tie into a certainteed carriage house shingle and i swear the shingle was laughing at my flat bar.
It won!!
Non-repairable shingles but bulletproof.

Use a hot trowel to break the seal.

thanks, il have to keep that in mind. i know its a longshot, but is there any other shingle that comes close to matching?

They still make them, might be slightly different now.

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