Help newbie w/Flat roof options & estimate - thanks in a


You could do a Torch-Down Application and install rubber mats which come in 24"x 24" and interlock. They come in different colors and protects your membrane and has a very nice look to it. There are also different patterns.


i like the new composite deck over a bur or torchdown.
but i often stress using a product that is proven in
YOUR neighborhoor, for many reasons.

good luck.


I’ve been out of town - glad to see there are still responses here
When I first set out & researched this project I was going to use EPDM - I liked that I could get it in rolls so there would be no seams.

  • First - there is NO foot traffic on either roof - that would be quite unusual - yes there is a single french door but the roof is not used -would be odd as we are on small lots
    -2nd - Does this cost more? than modified
    -3rd - I realize I would need a proficient installer - I actually contacted Firestone for some certified people
    4th - Is it impossible to find a small hole/leak?