Help identifying shingle brand and colour

Anyone able to identify this shingle brand? Need to repair someone else’s hack job, and I think it may be Certainteed, but I don’t use that brand much so I’m not sure. Pics are attached

Looks like Certainteed, yes.

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Certainteed moire black


Looks like certainteed for sure,the ones we get in Hamilton have the blue nail lines

I pull replacement shingles from the back, or an area that’s not visible, and make the repairs on the front. Then use the new bundles to fill in. The lot# and weathering will make it look like a spotted dog if you don’t. Charge appropriately!

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Thanks all! I got the Moire Black and it was a perfect match.

What’s wrong with the workmanship?? I especially like the nail pattern and contrasting color of ridge cap.

I laughed so damn hard when I saw it. This is on an almost $2M house too…

The bottom half are just starter shingles cut up with about an inch of overlap, then they switched to cut up regular shingles with about the same overlap. Then just butted up against the fascia with plywood beneath visible. My favourite part is that they didn’t even trim the bottom one, and that there’s a window overlooking this mess about 3 feet away!

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I’m guessing either the homeowner or the general are to blame. The “roofer” is what he is and should have never gotten that, or any, job. Someone tried to be clever and put some $ back in their pockets rather than do research and pay the right company. We see it all the time on high end homes. We call those homeowners 5 dollar millionaires. They have a mansion but all the workmanship is garbage. They will sometimes buy expensive slate or high end comp and then find the cheapest installers out there. Our repair bids on those are EXTRA high.

I especially like the caulk gun photo - did the roofing application come with a free caulk gun?

Roofing company’s business name was “Do your best, caulk the rest” all completed jobs are warranted til the check clears, or first rain. Comes with 3 FREE 5 gallon buckets in pastel colors that will compliment your interior decor