HELP! Attic Ventilation Question


I’m getting conflicting information from my contractor and my home inspector on whether this is sufficient ventilation for my attic.

My attic is completely unfinished. It’s about 950 sq/ft total. It’s comprised of two parts: a larger attic with a steeper grade (30’ x 23’) and a smaller attic with a lower grade (12’ x 23’). The two are separated by a wall with a 2’ x 2’ hole cut through it. I have one gable vent on the smaller attic and four turtle vents up high on the larger attic (two on each slope).

Before, I had an additional gable vent on the east side of my house, but my contractor covered it up when they replaced my siding as part of an insurance claim. He said I did not need that gable vent. I do not (and cannot) have soffit vents.

My illustration isn’t to scale, but it gives an overview of what I have. Is this current setup sufficient ventilation?


First off, gable end vents are generally worthless in venting the attic. You could install a ridge vent and vents above the eaves that are mostly invisible. Turtle vents help some, but without a way to get air into the attic, they are mostly worthless.


Thanks for the help, donl. So it sounds like I’ve never had enough intake even when I had the extra gable vent, is that correct?


correct. The gable vent is only good for a very small area next to the vent. Even if you had more intake for the attic, I doubt they would have been very efficient. Again, ridge vents are the best vent to use for overall ventilation of an attic.


Agreed with Don. Deck Air is a good product to use for intake.
You will need to block remaining gable end vent. You then will install intake, Deck Air, near bottom courses of each attic section with adequate exhaust vents at the top of each attic section. This may get a little busy looking but having two separate attic spaces changes things.


Thanks for all the great info donl and Tileman. So it sounds like my contractor didn’t worsen my ventilation, but they also missed the chance to improve it before they put the roof on. At this point, I’m not interested in making any more of an investment in attic ventilation unless not doing so is a significant risk. What do you think?


I think it’s a really small space and you may be alright.