HELP! AmFam O&P issue


sorry, most of us in the industry will tell you to NEVER provide your invoicing. O&P is never gonna be simple, I’ve heard the seminars " get O&P on every claim " crap, RFG vs DMO, there are many more. We want it, they don’t want to give it. The most luck I’ve had and I do high volume residential all storm all states supplementing, is always find a way to use them against themselves… PRECEDENT, pretty word right? I have become a collector of scopes for each ins company, where they have paid the supervisor fees, or O&P on roof gutter and OVHD etc. That is real talk and how I’ve had the most success. I also collect contacts, a field adjuster willing to commiserate on the frustrations of both our jobs… I will save his number FOREVER, might need just a hint on how to present something someday…


Liberty Mutual will pay remove steep EVERY TIME, provide photos of your roofers with ropes and harness… ask any of them they will all tell you they will pay with those photos… easy one!


Yes, I have attached an example photo of what I send them. It is their requirement that you send a photo that your crew used

Harnesses and they will pay for the tear off on steep and tall. The hard part is actually getting your project managers to get the photo!

I usually call them the morning it is being installed to remind them that I need that photo. I always tell them a picture is not worth a

Thousand words, it is worth a thousand dollars! Just in case you didn’t know – Safeco is owned by Liberty Mutual – works on their

Claims too.


Oh yes, very familiar with them both, they also have “Brotherhood Mutual” for those church claims… in response to the issue with the project manager… hold the TOTAL amount that the picture would have earned you in remove steep from their pay that week, divide it in half equally between the crew/foreman… you can give it back in a few days… they will get the damn point really quick…


I would totally do that but the owner won’t let me…he is a wuss! Lol


I wonder if that roofer would hit the ground with his rope set like that. Certainly would come close.


Harness might blow off first if it is windy.