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Thanks in advance for your feedback, greatly appreciated. Sorry if this info is elsewhere, the search system didn’t help me easily.

I somewhat understand the business, but I’D appreciate some tips on a few subjects as I do my research.

  1. Where / how best logistics on sending insurance companies info about handling the paperwork for a client? I’d appreciate specifics on how to send this to common insurers like USAA, State Farm, All state, Liberty, etc. Obviously a claim number and client name address is needed; but is there a specific form or format to use. And specific phone numbers, website claim centers, emails, etc to use? I assume an Xactimate report is helpful, but again how best to approach an insurance company with a quote or change order and final invoice. Any websites with this info consolidated? Any other tools to help with estimates, justification, etc for changes of scope.

  2. How can I expand on the quantity of crews I can find in the North Texas area. North Fort Worth and westward toward Denton.

Thanks a ton, CaptBridgeport

Hey CaptBridgeport,

  1. Each Insurance company has a different process for handling claims and supplements (a supplement is the insurance version of a change order from the original scope of work), but there are some universal truths.
    Once the claim is filed by the insured, the carrier(insurance company) will either assign a “staff” adjuster (one who works directly with the company) or send the claim information to an Independent Adjusting Firm who assigns one of their Independent Adjusters.
    You should always meet with the adjuster at the property if you are contracted by the homeowner prior to the inspection.
    If you are contracted after the inspection and have issues with the adjuster’s assessment, you have a couple of options. You can contact the adjuster for a reinspection with you present or you can write your own estimate and email your estimate to the adjuster or claims department. You should always contact the adjuster directly if possible. If you are unable to reach the adjuster for any reason, call the claims department with the homeowner’s claim number to request an email to send a supplement.
    You do not need any special forms. You only need to justify the reasons for your supplement with an estimate and photo report of the additional damage. You should always use Xactimate for your supplement estimates. This is an industry-standard and most adjusters will accept a Xactimate estimate without issue. You MUST provide photos if the adjuster is not meeting you for a reinspection.
    Email is the performed method of correspondence with the major insurance companies. The claims department number for each company can easily be found with a Google search. It will be in your best interest to attempt to contact the adjuster first before trying to work directly with the claims department (especially with an Independent Adjuster).

  2. To get more crews, a great place to start is actually Craigslist. You will see a lot of guys looking for roofing work. Be sure to do your do-diligence before putting anyone on a job. If you have the time, it can be beneficial to assemble your own crew and train them on how you want your jobs done. You can stop by jobs you see going on and speak to the foreman to see if he has any other crews looking for work. Only stop and speak to guys who are keeping the yard clean and look like you would want them on your job. Another way of getting crews quickly is through sites like

I hope this helps!

I will forward you a master list of emails and phone numbers ive created for all ins co. This should help save some time searching/calling/finding main emails and numbers. Can you send me your email?

I am an office manager and would love that list you’ve created!! Thanks so much!!

Thank you very much, sorry for delay. I greatly appreciate this information sent to Justin with mail address roofing(at)treehouse-ranch(dot)com
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