Help! 50 year roof? Not according to the adjuster!


I have had more than 100 in the last year that we had to help with documentation last year. Not to accurate in my opinion. And not willing to reverse themselves, even in the face of being glaringly WRONG. Lol


That’s exactly the issue. “99% of the time the adjuster accepts the results”. Even if they are wrong. Then it becomes hard to reverse the itel error! We have had the get letters from the manufacture to verify that they are wrong. The the ins company finally agrees, but itel prob never hears from anyone that they are wrong so never adjust their faulty methods and just go on thinking they are right.


I am glad you had a favorable result. Your next step will be 2 have the insurance modify your claim to ensure you have adequate funds to properly replace the quality of product on your roof.

Both GAF and CertainTeed have product that would meet the requirements like the Ultra HD or and Independence or presidential.

Sometimes people move to an impact resistant shingle with an IR4 rating and have funds to spare. They look good , hold up well and most get a significant insurance reduction , 300 to 600 per year for the rest of your life in that home not a bad deal.

Confession, we have installed or I should say helped installed many ir4 shingles and I really like the Northgate by CertainTeed. They have amazing colors and it makes your roof totally pop, LOL. no I do not work for the company just like those shingles.

Since the software Xactimate has limitations in it for 50 year shingles we have found it’s better 2 have them compare the price for high grade shingles to a retail price 4 the comparable shingles it usually increases enough to fully fund the proper shingles.

I know it sounds complicated but it boils down to if the current estimate 4 your roof is 385 a square with high grade it should be tween 585 and 625 a square. Your location can have a big impact on that amount make sure the estimate updated your contractor will probably take care of that.

Take a look at your claim and the amount stated under RCV. Let’s say it’s $12,000, if you look about four lines down under roof it should have replacement shingles and a square number say 30.

In your claim, There should be a remove laminate shingles number say 27 sqs and an install laminate shingles number say 30. Simply divide the install number of squares into the total RCV it would give you 400 that is your all-in rate for your claim per square.

Sometimes an adjuster will include other roof type items like AC, Gutters, swamp coolers. Make sure they have not included these items like gutters under Main roof as it will alter your square rate if so just subtract that amount before dividing.

Depending on where you live you should get between 585 and 625 All In for your 50 year shingles. There are other increases that can affect it like high pitch two-story and property access challenges but it won’t be substantial. Also if your decking is bad that will also inflate the cost.

The bottom line is, you have good shingles and you need to have adequate funds 2 replace like-for-like. Call email if you have any questions. Your contractor will probably handle most of it for you I want to to make you aware of your possible next hurdle.

Omg sorry for the long post.

Good luck Jahna


I have an entire subdivision right now that the adjusters (itel) are saying it’s 30, and it is in fact 50. We roofed most of the subdivision so we know, and have paperwork to prove it’s 50! We got called by the Homes Assoc pres to help with the issue. Itel is not you are the homeowners friend! If they are accurate on ones you’ve dealt with, consider yourself lucky!


send a shingle to ITEL, it will definitively end the discussion


The funny part was the “highly rated” Master Elite GAF guys who couldn’t even identify the shingles. Everything is 50 year to them!


hmmm, -----------make sure your insurance compensates you for all the manufacturer required items that go with that deluxe shingle. It specifically calls for ice and water, whether that is required by your city or not, a special starter, synthetic felt etc… and if they do not use the right code for that shingle you could find yourself in a rutt also. They are not cheap and you want to make sure that the right components are installed to insure that the entire roofing system is sound