Hello new user with a new tpo roof

Hello everyone this is my first post. I am from west texas and in need of some advice from individuals with experience in roofing. I recently 4 days ago had a new roof installed shingle and tpo. It rained right after they completed the flat roof part shingle was already done the day before. Where the shingle roof meets the tpo it has a large area where the water sits and some of the shingle stay submerged in water it does not seem right to me but what do I know. I am meeting with the roof inspector/ sales man in a couple days to go over roof before it is paid. Today the crew that came and installed it showed up swept water off rewelded some of the seems and applied adhesive to the shingles touching the tpo. Please tell me what you think from this picture. it said when I set up account I can only post one picture so I hope this one will work.

Also I failed to mention I had water stains on inside of ceiling I feel that is why they came and rewelded and reglued shingles. Will water ponding on a roof because it did last 48 hours even in 100 degree weather destroy the tpo prematurely, and or is it even acceptable?

The tpo should have been ran up the shingled slope, at least 3 shingle courses worth. And left exposed.

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Ponding that lasts for 48 or 72 hours depending on manufacturer is acceptable. It is better not to pond but as long as it dries in about 2 days you are good.

The water on the shingles will cause them to degrade early, for the bottom course that would be mostly cosmetic as the TPO should be keeping the water out. The problem is if the water gets deep enough to submerge the shingle nails.

I agree with Roofermann that the TPO should be ran up 3 shingles worth in this case.

Thank you so much for the quick response, I really appreciate it. Do you think it would be right to ask them to remove a couple rows of shingles and just leave the tpo exposed? I had another area where the shingles were shedding the water onto the tpo but the tpo was driving the water under the shingles on it’s way to the gutter I will post a picture of that in just a little while I am at work at the moment.

Yes they need to fix that, the nails in the shingles are sitting in water.

I always run the membrane at least 2’ up the shingled slope, usually more and do like Rooferman said and start the shingles a few courses up slope.

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They will need to weld new TPO onto the bottom of that slope, as the existing is full of nail holes from the shingles.

If they remove the shingles they will have to add a strip of TPO to cover the nail holes, so it isn’t as simple as just pulling shingles, but if its leaking they should fix it.