Hello from a new forum member from PA

I just joined this forum and wanted to say hello.
I’m in PA, philadelphia suburb. I work with my brother and we take pride in our work. We are not the fastest roofers out there but we do quality work and 90% of our work comes from people’s referrals.

i spent about 2 hours here reading through posts and i liked a few members who seem to be very knowledgable and honest roofers.
Looking forward to interact with you guys.


Welcome aboard.


You are about an hour south of me. I am off the Lehigh Valley exit of the turnpike.

^^^^ how are you guys doing up there? Staying busy?

thanks for the welcome guys!



I am turning work away. Just turned away 150 square of cedar shakes.

How you doing Z glad to have yea!

Welcome…and Lefty, if you are turning it down, pass it on to me…things are slow in the Poconos

and thanks for the compliment.
yes we are very knowledgeable and honest
here. youll find the comerodity is impecable.
look forward to your post.