Health problems from installing roof

I installed my roof about two months ago and have been experiencing health issues. It first started off with a cough that wouldn’t go away. I went to the doctor and he said I had allergies. I guess that makes sense. I did stir up a lot of dust. I have never had allergies though in the past, so I thought it would quickly subside. It never did. I still have post nasal drip, stuffy nose, etc. I have also been experiencing brain fog, vision problems, etc. I wasn’t sure if it is related to the roof or not, but I thought I would check to make sure. I’m not sure if it something that I breathed in or the lead boots.

I don’t know what “brain fog” is but anything to do with blurred vision is most likely a head/brain problem so get your ass to another doctor asap.

Only roofing problem I’ve ever had that was even close to that was when I tore off 325 squares of pitch paper without a mask. I had respitory problems on and off for almost a year. Cleared up though after awhile and a few doses of antibiotics.

I assume you did not install a roof yourself, but rather had it done.
It might be the mold in your attic - check it. Saw on TV that it causes some health problems even for healthy people when the roof is not ventilated and there is a lot of condensation. Some dude had this thing for a year and was feeling really crappy. that the did the ventilation, mold disappeared and the dude got better… Happy End

Good luck

It could be the lead boots. When I first started roofing I was in a lot of pain, but eventually my legs got stronger and the pain went away. I also switched to low tops and cut the 6" boots up to use as flashing.


Seriously, could be allergies or sinus type infection. There’s a lot of old crap, dust and debris in roofing.

multiply by 35 yrs how you feel and your me!!!