Headwall flashing leak.....maybe

i dont know how many of these i have done, not one has leaked, alot though. i have a peticular headwall flashing issue. It is located on a 1st floor over hang that is about four feet in hight. If you look up there is also a overhang directly above with new gutter so no, there is no water “poundin” on the lower. Water is some how leaking in side the house through the inside of the window. “between the panes” and this a good amount of water. I did notice the beauty course is a liitle small and almost tilted back. and the suceeding course is all the way up to the wall under the flashing im positive. ANY IDEAS. maybe tear three rows outand re do? use ice and water?hmmmm feed back please.

the window that the water is running through is located under the first overhang, about three feet back bascilly on the first floor exterior wall. the over hang is four feet large soffit.

Post a picture so we see whats going on please.

Have you ruled out the window as the leak source?
Windows frequently leak.