Heading Back After Lockdown

Morning everyone,

I’m relatively new to these forums, but glad to be a member and to see such a broad range of expertise on display. Hope you have all been coping okay through the lockdown period and taking care. It’s certainly been a really odd and tough couple of months for those of us working across a number of different trades.

It seems that there is some good news on the horizon in the form of lockdown measures easing in my locality. Moving into Phase 2 means we will hopefully have some kind of return to normality soon. Been looking at social distancing measures and what sort of safety products we’ll need to carry out work to this new standard of safety.

Was curious to hear what other members of the board had experienced and if they feel they are able to keep working in relative safety in this post-Covid world.

Thanks again,

We never stopped. Didn’t sit at as many kitchen tables for bids and ran more trucks to keep from packing guys in. Business as usual here.


I can say, we were busier than ever. I say it was because people are at home.

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All that for an ad for your business? Not really what this forum is for.

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Can I give multiple likes to rooferman? To the other guy, please put 50 masks, 6’ distance lasers with sirens and weighted throwable business cards on my account.

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